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Nursing Care Services

Our Hospice at Home service is provided by qualified nurses and hospice support workers and aims to enable adults over the age of 18 with an advanced illness to be cared for at home until they die, if that is their preference, or to remain at home for as long as they wish. Care can also be provided to assist with a rapid discharge from inpatient care to home care if that is the patient’s wish. The care given can change with the patient's needs and is available 365 days a year day or night. Our Hospice at Home service works closely with the GP Practices, District nurses, and Macmillan nurses. We aim to provide responsive holistic care to make the final days of life peaceful and comfortable.


Respite Care Service

This takes the form of substitute care so that families and carers affected by a loved one with a life-limiting illness are able to rest. The hospice team works closely with local GPs, Community Nurses, and other services to provide care in the home ensuring the patient's wishes are met wherever possible. Respite care can be provided over a period of hours, days, or even weeks, day and night for families and carers, giving them a much-needed break. 


Eligibility: You need to be over the age of 18 years old and living within our clinical catchment area and registered with a local GP. Referrals to this service are made via your GP, District Nurse, Macmillan, or Healthcare professional – just ask them to refer you.

Our Clinical Catchment Area


"Your Hospice care team was professional at all times. Treated both my husband and I with the utmost respect and understanding. Made a very sad time bearable as they did everything they could to make my husband comfortable"

How we help...

We invite you to watch our short film featuring Andrew (left) talking about the impact of our end-of-life care for his Dad who died at home.

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