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About our Business Partnerships ​

Whether you want to build your team ethos through events and

challenges or to donate directly to our clinical care work, our business

partnerships offer great benefits and membership of a like-minded

business community.

When you support HospiceCare, your organisation, and staff enjoy a range

of great benefits including:

  • The feelgood factor of pulling together to support a local charity

  • Increased engagement with your customers and staff team

To show our gratitude for companies giving us a helping hand, we want to ensure you are getting the support and recognition deserved.

What options can factor into the plan from the Business?

Host a Collection Tin 

•Monthly or Annual Donation – upwards of £100 annually (£8.33 plus VAT)

•In-Kind Donations/Donation of Professional Expertise

•Offer Sponsorship for Events & Projects

•Promote Support for HospiceCare

• Volunteering Opportunities

•Structured Sales Percentage Agreements

•Employee Payroll Giving Scheme

•Adopt Us as Charity of the Year

•Hold or Take Part in Fundraising Events

What would the business receive in return?

•Fulfilment of CSR and Philanthropic Action

•HospiceCare Welcome Pack

•Updates and reviews (pre-agreed on timescale)

•Business exposure via social media

•Linked Logo on Website

•Networking Opportunities

•Invitations to Hospice Led Events

•Optional Talks and/or Support on bereavement/dementia

•Events and Fundraising Assistance

•Positive Association

Why are regular monthly donations important?
With regular donations, we can forecast and forward plan fundraising strategies as much as possible to ensure we are always one step ahead, to continue providing a pivotal service to our local community. 

How can we raise further funds to support HospiceCare?

If you do not wish to become a business partner, you can still provide a helping hand by fundraising for us. You could do this by taking part in an event, or hosting an event, such as a coffee morning.

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