Weekly Drop-Ins


HospiceCare holds weekly drop-ins at Alnwick and Berwick. No appointments are necessary, you can simply turn up.

The Hospice buildings are like a home-from-home where people gather for tea and coffee and a chat, we have comfy seats and pleasing décor. The kettle is always on; there is an abundance of cake and biscuits and an entertaining wealth of conversation!

Many people think that they need to feel ‘well’ to come to the ‘drop-in’, but often people will feel better once they have been! This may be because spending time with others offers a distraction from thoughts and feelings.

Our drop-ins are run mainly by volunteers, however, appointments can be made with one of our clinical team If someone needs one to one support. 

The drop-ins are for patients, carers and families so everyone who attends does so for their own needs and reasons. Everyone is treated as a unique individual and there is a mutual acceptance and understanding that no-one needs to say anything they don’t wish to say, but what is said is listened to with respect and consideration.

Trained and experienced complementary therapists offer their time freely as volunteers and provide a range of complementary therapies such as reflexology, massage and reiki. These treatments are also available to carers and family members and are free of charge, so if you would like to book an appointment please get in touch.

People can also be referred to the drop-in sessions by their District Nurse, GP or other Healthcare professional. 

"When I come to the Hospice I feel normal because I can get away from all of the equipment which surrounds me at home and no-one keeps asking all of the time ‘how are you?’ It’s like visiting family and having a good natter!"

Alnwick Wellbeing Centre 

Drop-In: Every Wednesday 10am-12noon

Berwick Wellbeing Centre

Drop-In: Every Monday 10am-12noon


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