"I just wanted to say thank you so much from me and my mum and family. You are all just amazing and we really could not have to through this without you all."  

Nina Burnett Image march 2020.jpg

Nina Burnett

Clinical Team Lead

Debbie Allen Image March 2020.jpg

Debbie Allan

Deputy Clinical Team Lead

Cath Miller Image March 2020.jpg

Cath Miller

Nursing Assistant

Cath Mckeown Image March 2020.jpg

Cath McEwan

Nursing Assistant

CAZ image.jpg

Caz Metcalf
Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse


Maxine Shell

Family Support Coordinator

Doreen Scantlebury.jpg

Doreen Scantlebury

Dementia Support Worker/Nursing Assistant


HospiceCare Bank Staff

Elaine March 2020.jpg

Elaine Belk
Healthcare Assistant

Rena Hockney March 2020.jpg

Rena Hockney
Healthcare Assistant


Kate Allan
Healthcare Assistant

Bank Nurse cropped.jpg

Dawn Scott
Healthcare Assistant

Bank Staff HH cropped.jpg

Shona Maxwell
Healthcare Assistant

Kelly Burton March 2020.jpg

Kelly Burton
Healthcare Assistant

Lindsay Black.jpg

Lyndsey Black
Healthcare Assistant

Nicola Curry.jpg

Nicola Curry
Bank Nurse

Sarah Wilson.jpg

Sarah Wilson
Bank Nurse