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Leaving a Legacy to HospiceCare


Remembering us in your Will

HospiceCare is not about the building, but more about the way we deliver our care and support to people in their own homes at the end of their life. HospiceCare is always about dignity, comfort, compassion and quality of life for each unique individual whether they are the patient, their family or carer. We ensure that the Hospice care and support delivered is what patients and families tell us they need”  Our Hospice services continue to change and develop to meet the growing needs of our communities living in North Northumberland. By leaving a gift in your Will to HospiceCare your compassion and kindness will live on to
ensure that we are able to continue to meet the growing demand for our services.

As an independent local palliative care charity our income is not supported by the large national charities. Only £40,000 of our running costs are
funded by the NHS, the rest we have to find from donations, local fundraising and legacies.  So should you choose to leave a legacy to HospiceCare, you can be assured your gift will stay in North Northumberland.


HospiceCare is such a lovely thing to have. Such lovely people offering a massive amount of help and support. They were strangers, yet I felt like I had known each and every one of them forever.”


How to leave gift in your Will.
There are three main ways you can support the work of HospiceCare in your Will:

A Residuary Legacy is a gift of all or a percentage of what’s left of your estate after all other payments have been made. It’s an effective way of dividing an estate between the people and causes that are important to you and can be more beneficial to charities as it won’t decrease in value due to inflation.

A Pecuniary Legacy is a gift of a sum of money of your choosing. It is possible to add a pecuniary legacy to an existing Will using a simple Codicil document. It’s worth bearing in mind that this type of gift will decrease in value over time as the cost of living increases.​ A Specific Gift. This could be anything from a piece of jewellery or a property to a selection of share investments. Amending your existing will


Why make a Will?
A valid Will is the only way that you can be sure that your wishes are carried out after your death.

Making a Will is an easy, quick and generally inexpensive process. Whatever the size of your estate, a Will ensures that you can use it to maximum effect and provide for those you care for and the causes that you support. A Will is also tax effective. As making a Will is so important we strongly advise that you use a practising solicitor or a professional Will writer to write, or amend your existing Will.


Can I amend my existing Will?
Yes, you can use our Codicil Form

We recommend you give a completed Codicil form to your solicitor or Will making company, who hold your original Will for safekeeping. Please also keep a copy for yourself and let your family and executors know about this Codicil to your Will.

Please ensure it is signed by yourself and two independent witnesses to make it legally binding, and that the amount or gift specified or the percentage of your estate you wish to leave is clearly stated in the Codicil form.

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Leaving a Gift in your Will


A gift to HospiceCare helps people like Charlotte.

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Charlotte Woodcock

I was very lucky to have had the support
of Sue and the Hospice when I lost my Dad
last year. Their counselling service is just a
tiny part of the great work the hospice does
for both patients and their families. The
volunteers and nurses are invaluable and
their work is selfless.”