Our Community Talks


Delivering Talks to local Community Groups

We have an ongoing programme to raise the profile of HospiceCare across North Northumberland.​ Part of that programme is delivering HospiceCare Talks to local community groups such as WI, Rotary, Inner Wheel, Probus and U3A.​ 

Our Talks are delivered in such a way that we are able to share with you who we are, what we do and how we meet our costs, and usually last around 45 minutes, but this time can be tailored to suit your meeting. We are also more than happy to answer any questions during or afterwards.

We can promise you that our Talks are not only inspiring but also incredibly uplifting - and perhaps not what you would expect from Hospice Care.

Our Talks are offered free of charge and we don't ask for expenses - but perhaps a cheeky cup of tea

The diary is now open for dates this year and next either in person .or virtually.  If you would like to book a Talk or need more information,  please get in touch with Julie Frost using the link below...​​​


HospiceCare Talks Delivery

This is a map of our clinical catchment area. If your community group is based within this area, then we are able to deliver a HospiceCare Talk to you.