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Caring for Life!

Do I need to provide anything?

No. We fit in around you, however we do ask that if one of the Hospice carers is staying overnight with you that they have somewhere warm and comfortable to sit with soft lighting. It is your decision whether you would prefer the carer to be in the same room as you or be nearby. Most of the Hospice carers will bring their own refreshments, but may need access to a kettle for a hot drink.

I am worried about how my illness is affecting those close to me?

HospiceCare is also for your family and on-going emotional support is provided to whoever needs it and continues throughout the bereavement period if they wish. The Hospice will always be here for your family as our ‘door never closes.’

"It was good to have another person to share our worries with and just to listen to us."

Why should I use Hospice at Home?

Many people feel frightened or worried about the word ‘Hospice’ as it immediately makes people think about death and dying. A sad and upsetting thought, but nevertheless the one certainty in life we know about. At first, you may be hesitant to invite a Hospice nurse into your home, however people are often pleasantly surprised by the kindness, help, support and advice offered by the Hospice nurses and care team. Talking about death and dying is something most people, understandably, feel uncomfortable to do, but it can be helpful not only to share the sadness, but to let your family and those caring for you know what your wishes and preferences are. Talking about dying does not make it happen any faster!

"The HospiceCare is such a lovely thing to have. Such lovely people offering a massive amount of help and support. The staff made those final hours of my husband’s life pain free and that was such a god send. They were strangers, yet I felt like I had known each and everyone of them forever."

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