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What HospiceCare means to me: It’s a way to help and support people in need at the end of life and that encompasses the person who is dying, as well as the family who are having to face their loved ones deterioration, the carers who are helping at this difficult time and whoever else that might be finding it hard to say goodbye to that person. If I can help make this time as comfortable as possible and offer my support where it’s needed most, then that is why I am privileged to be part of the HospiceCare team.

What HospiceCare means to me: To be able to support the patient and their family through a difficult emotional time, ensuring the patient has no pain or discomfort and allowing either the patient or family time to talk and share any worries they may have. I feel that sometimes a listening ear or a hug can be such a comfort at such an emotional time.

What HospiceCare means to me: At the interview for Hospicecare, I remember saying that I subscribed to lifelong learning and in this case it couldn’t be more true.

After almost 20 years in maternity, I have come full circle and Hospicecare is giving me so much insight into palliative care and what it means for the people I care for and their families The appreciation for what Hospicecare can do for our patients/clients is very evident at all the homes I have attended so far and this translates into tremendous job satisfaction and in my case, the feeling that even at retirement age, working life can continue as per norm if you want to.

What HospiceCare means to me: Some people say to me "Oh! I couldn’t do your job, it would be too depressing." But for me, the work I do makes me feel very privileged to be accepted in the home by a family, at what is probably the most emotional and stressful time of their lives. To help and support a family and their loved one through this time is both rewarding and a gift.

  • Thank you for everything you did for Mum (Frances). It made everything she went through a little easier to cope with.

If you have questions about Hospice at Home you can always read our 'Myth Busters' about the service.

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    We have a skilled and dedicated team of Nurses and Health Care Assistants. You can see who they are and read a little more about them so you know who will be helping you or your loved one.


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