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Imagine getting a letter through the door with a cheque for £1000!

Well that’s what happened to HospiceCare supporter Fiona Sturdy, Community Nurse from Felton, who has been a regular supporter of HospiceCare North Northumberland’s Unity Lottery. Fiona told us she had received numerous cheques of £5 and a £25 cheque, since she started playing the Unity Lottery with HospiceCare in 2012.

On the 9th December 2015, Fiona received a letter and another cheque through her door from Unity Lottery, she called to her husband in the other room to say – “we’ve won another cheque with the Unity Lottery”. He called back to ask how much and at first she thought it said £10.00. However, after putting on her glasses and re-reading it discovered brilliantly that the cheque had a couple of extra noughts and was actually a whopping £1000.

She told us she was delighted, as Fiona and her husband had just moved house and this would easily help them get settled into their new home.
We asked Fiona, Why did she join Unity Lottery? She replied “I really wanted to support a local cause, and living in North Northumberland as a Community Nurse I have seen first-hand, the need for HospiceCare North Northumberland’s services.”
You too could have a cheque dropping through your letterbox of anything from £5 - £25,000.

What is Unity Lottery?
Unity is a lottery with a difference. HospiceCare receives profits directly from the number of lottery players we recruit, so we need your support.
For every £1 Entry- 50p comes directly to us as profit.

How does it work?
For just £1 per week you will be allocated with a six digit Unity Lottery number. You can purchase more than one entry if you wish.
Every Saturday, the lucky winners are selected at random and the prize cheques are issued and posted directly to you, so here is no need for you to claim. You must be 16 or over to enter. Winners have to match 3,4,5 or all 6 digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence.

6 digits in the correct place wins £25,000
5 digits in the correct place wins £1000
4 digits in the correct place wins £25
3 digits in the correct place wins £5

How do I join?
Sign up today at – http:/www.unitylottery.co.uk/charity/display/HospiceCareNorthNorthumberland
For more information please call Emma on – 01665 606515 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember by playing our lottery you are directly supporting our cause.

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